At Devoxx conference this year, Dick Wall gave a presentation on designs and patterns in Scala programming; and the first part was supposed to be brief highlights on the basics. At 1:09:35, he wrote the following function:

def safeDiv(a: Int, b: Int): Option[Int] = if (b == 0) None else Some(a / b)

which returns an compile error [good]. My question is since this is a fairly common scenario to encounter: how can I do integer operations * / + - on the returned value of

safeDiv(6, 2) // Some(2)

something like

safeDiv(6, 2) * 6 // 18 [error]

You cannot multiply Option on Int, you definitely should multiply value of Option like so:

 saveDiv(6, 2).map (_ * 6)  // Returns Option[Int]

or you can use "Pimp My Library" pattern to define method '*' on Option of Int:

 class PimpedOption(oi:Option[Int]) { 
   def *(i:Int) = oi.map(_*i)

 implicit def instance(oi:Option[Int]) = new PimpedOption(oi)

Then you can do:

 saveDiv(6, 2) * 6 // Gives Option[Int]
  • thanks @Nyavro, although I got a warning that said I needed to import scala.language.implicitConversions, your solution worked. I would like to know, however, if there's a simpler way of doing this, other than defining a method on Option[Int] type. I was thinking of way to convert Option to Int, is there such a thing in Scala? – 7kemZmani Aug 23 '16 at 2:40
  • @Nyavro, you can also just make an implicit class ..., then you don't need the separate implicit def. @AbdulelahAlJeffery, have you had a look at getOrElse()? – jwvh Aug 23 '16 at 2:46
  • Actually you cannot directly convert Option[Int] to Int, becaluse there possible None value. – Nyavro Aug 23 '16 at 2:46
  • Option has method 'get' but I would not recommend to use it - you will have to check if Option has value first. Instead use map, getOrElse, foreach and other functional-style methods – Nyavro Aug 23 '16 at 2:48
  • 2
    @AbdulelahAlJeffery, your comments are contradictory. First you say you are "thinking of way to convert Option to Int" which is what getOrElse() does in a safer way than you'd have by using get(). Then you say "I'm considering the option type because of it's safer ...". So you want to keep the Option and not convert it to Int. I agree that is the safer way to go. Let the data remain as an Option for as long as possible. – jwvh Aug 23 '16 at 3:03

Do it in the map block

saveDiv(6, 2).map(_ * 6)
  • Thank you @thirstycrow, your solution worked! – 7kemZmani Aug 23 '16 at 2:52

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