I have a button that inserts a character into a UITextView. I want this button to behave as the spacebar button does; I want the pending autocorrect suggestion to be accepted upon pressing it.

Can this be done? If so, how? Thanks!

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There isn't any API to interact directly with autocorrect. However, there is a bit of a hack I ran across not long ago: if you resign the responder, the currently displayed autocorrect will be accepted. So, you may be able to get away with resigning the first responder and then assigning it again:

[myTextView resignFirstResponder];
[myTextView becomeFirstResponder];
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    Does the UI muck up when you do this? – Alexsander Akers May 20 '11 at 0:38
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    No. I've not had any problems with it. – memmons May 22 '11 at 2:04
  • Awesome, I may use this in the future. – Alexsander Akers May 22 '11 at 3:07
  • FYI: this triggers the textViewDidEndEditing: and textViewShouldBeginEditing: delegate calls and the keyboard notifications. – mahboudz Mar 7 '14 at 19:52

I just found out that instead of doing this (kills my animations) you can use:

  [messageField reloadInputViews];

Works like a charm.

  • If anyone can mark this as correct would be awesome! Thanks! – agfa555 Nov 15 '13 at 9:11
  • Doesn't work if you don't have an input view. – mahboudz Mar 7 '14 at 19:53
  • @mahboudz I believe the case of the question is that... why downvote?? – agfa555 Mar 10 '14 at 15:16
  • The original poster says nothing about inputView nor inputAccessoryView. Are you assuming that the poster's "button" is one of these? It doesn't have to be, and that makes your definitive solution incomplete. You may wish to reflect this in your answer. – mahboudz Mar 10 '14 at 21:04

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