When trying to convert a string as below

52.0986413 5.2171528

to a variable of type DbGeometry like this

Geometry = System.Data.Entity.Spatial.DbGeometry.FromText("POINT("+preometry+")");

where Geometry is of type System.Data.Entity.Spatial.DbGeometry I get the next errormessage:

Spatial types and functions are not available for this provider because the assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types' version 10 or higher could not be found.

Even though I have Microsoft.SqlServer.Types version 11.0.2 in my project. Does anybody know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance


I found the answer when I reinstalled Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.

For ASP.NET applications, add the following line of code to the Application_Start method in Global.asax.cs:


For desktop applications, add the following line of code to run before any spatial operations are performed:


This fixed it for me

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