I have a simple form that performs validation of each field. For some reason, I think related to the CodenameOne theme, I do not get a red outline or background for fields failing validation, and I do not see the error messages. The form will gray out the "Submit" button until all validations pass, so this part is working. I just can't see the errors on the screen. I have included my form code below. Is this happening because the default theme I am using does not have the required UUIDs to display the error styles?

Is there a way to debug when styles are being applied but are not available in the theme?

   Form registrationForm = new Form("My Registration");
    BorderLayout bl = new BorderLayout();
    ComponentGroup cg = new ComponentGroup();
    final TextField nicknameField = new TextField("", "Screen name (publicly viewable)", 25, TextArea.ANY);
    final TextField emailField = new TextField("", "Email address", 40, TextArea.EMAILADDR);
    final TextField passwordField = new TextField("", "Password", 40, TextArea.PASSWORD);
    final TextField passwordConfirmField = new TextField("", "Type your password again", 40, TextArea.PASSWORD);
    final TextField sloganField = new TextField("", "Slogan (publicly viewable), ex: Go Hokies!", 30, TextArea.ANY);

    Button submit = new Button("Submit");
    Validator v = new Validator();

    v.addConstraint(nicknameField, new LengthConstraint(3));
    v.addConstraint(emailField, RegexConstraint.validEmail("You must enter a valid email address to receive confirmation"));
    v.addConstraint(passwordField, new LengthConstraint(8));
    v.addConstraint(passwordConfirmField, new LengthConstraint(8));
    submit.addActionListener((e) -> {
        String password = passwordField.getText();
        String passwordConfirm = passwordConfirmField.getText();
        if (!password.equals(passwordConfirm)) {
            Dialog.show("Password error", "The password and password confirmation did not match. Please retype them.", "OK", null);
        } else {
    registrationForm.addComponent(BorderLayout.CENTER, cg);

The error mode sets the UIID to existing UIID with the word "Invalid" appended to it. So a TextField will become TextFieldInvalid.

In the simulator open the Component Inspector tool and traverse the components to see the UIID's that they have. This will allow you to customize the right UIID's in selected/unselected states.

To enable error message display use setShowErrorMessageForFocusedComponent(true).

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