I don't want to delete and recreate a site I just want to be able to apply the entire config to it and override any settings that are different.

I backed up the site config with %windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd list site /config /xml > c:\sites.xml

This command throws an error:

appcmd.exe add site /in < c:\sites.xml
ERROR ( message:Failed to add duplicate collection element "mysite". )

Do I really have to break out ALL of my IIS configuration into separate appcmd commands or is there a way to apply the entire xml in one shot and only have it override settings?

I want to have a single xml template that I can push out to all my webservers hosting this site.


You should try shared config



 ERROR ( message:Failed to add duplicate collection element "mysite". )

It seems that you can not add a website that already exist.

Why dont you delete it and add it again with the new configurations?

You can also try to modify only the relevant sections.

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