I am trying to create an ActionCable chatroom following the actioncable guide on GoRails.com.

As I am trying to connect to ActionCable I get following error: NoMethodError - undefined method `safe_constantize' for nil:NilClass

[ActionCable] [User 1] Could not execute command from 
{"command"=>"subscribe", "identifier"=>"
[NoMethodError - undefined method `safe_constantize' for 
nil:NilClass]: /Users/Mathias/.rvm/gems/ruby-
5.0.0.rc2/lib/action_cable/connection/subscriptions.rb:29:in `add' | 
`execute_command' | /Users/Mathias/.rvm/gems/ruby-
`dispatch_websocket_message' | /Users/Mathias/.rvm/gems/ruby-
5.0.0.rc2/lib/action_cable/server/worker.rb:54:in `block in invoke' | 
5.0.0.rc2/lib/action_cable/server/worker.rb:39:in `block in work'

My app/channels/chatrooms_channel.rb looks like this:

def subscribed
   @chatroom = Chatroom.find(params[:room_id])
   #puts params[:room_id]
   stream_from "chatrooms:#{@chatroom.id}"
   # stream_from "some_channel"

Maybe it is worth mentioning that I upgraded to rails 5.0.0.rc2 from rails 4.

Thank you,

  • Not familiar with action_cable, but it seems that it expects channel as the key for channel name, not ChatroomsChannel as you have. – Mladen Jablanović Aug 24 '16 at 20:13

in assets/javascripts/channels/chatroom.coffee

If you need to assign params, channel name must be in params hash too:

App['chatroom' + roomId] = App.cable.subscriptions.create {
  channel: 'ChatroomChannel',
  room_id: roomId
}, {
  received: ->

And only if you don't need params, you can write channel name without hash:

App.chatroom = App.cable.subscriptions.create 'ChatroomChannel',
  received: ->

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