I’m trying to use relay along with react-native-drawer but it gives me _this.state.viewport is undefined. I’ve narrowed down the problem to babel but not sure now to proceed. (edited)

I got there after reading this issue https://github.com/root-two/react-native-drawer/issues/140 (edited)

relay uses

  "passPerPreset": true,
  "presets": [
    {"plugins": ["./plugins/babelRelayPlugin"]},

and I think that’s the problem (edited)

I tried using babel-plugin-transform-class-properties but doesn’t seem to help

  • +1 having the same issue and I have Relay also. When have drawer working and added Relay, I had issues with babel-relay-plugin. – Janaka Sep 2 '16 at 22:26
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I found a solution and created a template. Summary is using react-native-router-flux and babel-relay-plugin-loader


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