I have 2 list:

myObject object1 = new myObject(id = 1, title = "object1"};
myObject object2 = new myObject(id = 2, title = "object2"};
myObject object3 = new myObject(id = 3, title = "object3"};

//List 1
List<myObject> myObjectList = new List<myObject>{object1, object2, object3};

//List 2
List<int> idList = new List<int>{2, 3};

Is there a way using Linq to pull only the objects in the first list that exist in the second list so that I am left with:

{object2, object3}

I looked at intersect but it seems that this will only work if both list are of the same type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



LINQ Solution:

myObjectList = myObjectList.Where(X => idList.Contains(X.id)).ToList();
IEnumerable<myObject> matches = myObjectList.Join(
    o => o.Id,
    id => id,
    (o, id) => o);
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    @ Lee : There should be a variable name. IEnumerable<myObject>"variablename"=....... Please edit – Thorin Oakenshield Oct 12 '10 at 10:23

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