So, I am trying to add a button to a column using Table View in JavaFX. I have successfully created a single button for one column; using the same code to add another button on another column with a small change of variables is resulting me in one error which I am unable to fix. The error is that it is not allowing me to use the word super. Below is the code in which I am having the error on;

TableColumn<UserDetails, UserDetails> addColumn = column("Add", ReadOnlyObjectWrapper<UserDetails>::new, 50);

    addColumn.setCellFactory(col -> {
        Button addButton = new Button("Add");
        TableCell<UserDetails, UserDetails> addCell = new TableCell<UserDetails, UserDetails>() {
            public void addItems(UserDetails userDetails, boolean empty) {
                super.addItems(userDetails, empty); //This line is the error (super)
                if (empty) {
                } else {


        addButton.setOnAction(event -> add(addCell.getItem(), primaryStage));
        return addCell;

what am I doing wrong?

  • What exactly is the error that you are facing? – iMan Aug 25 '16 at 7:40

As you can see in the TableCell javadoc there is no addItems method in TableCell. You probably wanted to use the updateItem method:

protected void updateItem(UserDetails userDetails, boolean empty) {
    super.updateItem(userDetails, empty);
  • Hi, thank you for your answer, I have done the updateItem method, so is there any way at all to add an "add Item" button to a column? – Milan Aug 25 '16 at 8:08
  • @Milan Of yourse you can add a addItem method to the class, but this doesn't mean it's added to TableCell. Furthermore the uses seem to be pretty limited, especially since you're using an anonymus class here, so the only way to access this method from outside of the anonymus class itself would be reflection. – fabian Aug 25 '16 at 8:11

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