I have 2 tables, User and Payment with a relationship of One-TO-Many.

On payment I have the fields date_updated and status.

Can I make in one query, to get all the users which have payments with date_updated < 3 months ago and if has other payments bigger than 3 months ago than the status should be different than completed. If such payments are found on an user than the user should be returned else not.

For example I have the user with just one payment made last year, I want to be returned, but if the same user has another payment made recently than 3 months ago, and the status is completed than the user should not be returned.

What I'm trying:

    Q(orders__payments__date_updated__lte=time_x_months) &
    Q(Q(orders__payments__date_updated__gte=time_x_months) & 

It might archived querying from Payment like this:

from django.db.models import Count, Q 
users = Payment.objects.filter(
    Q(date_updated__lte=time_until) &
    Q(date_updated__gte=time_from) &

Or just:

from django.db.models import Count 
users = Payment.objects.filter(

(indentation might wrong)


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