I was really surprised that I've had this much trouble finding this answer anywhere, but I can't.

With the built-in VCL in vcl_recv, etc., in Varnish 4.0+, does Varnish cache 404 responses by default?

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Only the following status codes will be cached by default:

200: OK
203: Non-Authoritative Information
300: Multiple Choices
301: Moved Permanently
302: Moved Temporarily
304: Not modified
307: Temporary Redirect
410: Gone
404: Not Found

Source: http://book.varnish-software.com/4.0/chapters/VCL_Basics.html

As indicated by Ronald's answer, yes, it does. And as supporting information related to this, there is an article describing how to disable caching 404's in Varnish here: https://www.sharphosting.uk/articles/varnish-tips-no-cache-404-responses

(Disclaimer: I wrote the article and any feedback very welcome)

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