I am trying to use the Java 8 javadoc tool but it is complaining that abbr is an unknown tag:

error: unknown tag: abbr

But as far as I can tell it is a valid tag in HTML 4.01 spec and HTML 5 spec.

I see there are ways to disable the doclint, but I really want to know what list of tags are supported (or why this one is not).

More information in this question, this question and from this blog post.


This is a bug, which is fixed in JDK 9.

According to the changelog, the following tags are missing in JDK 8:

  • abbr
  • acronym
  • address
  • del
  • ins
  • kbd
  • q
  • s
  • samp
  • strike

You will need to disable the HTML lint in JDK 8 if you must use one of these tags.

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