Making a program which has a list of the different star signs, then asks the user to enter what star sign they are and then for the program to check that is contained in the list before moving on.

The problem is that it does check that it is in the list, but it does not repeat.

play = True

while play:
    print("Welcome to my Pseudo_Sammy program, please enter your name, star sign and then your question by typing it in and pressing the enter key, and I will give you the answer to your question")
    name = input("What do they call you? ")
    starsigns = ("leo", "virgo", "libra", "scorpio", "sagittarius", "capricorn", "aquarius", "pisces", "aries", "taurus", "gemini", "cancer")
    starsign = str(input("What star do you come from? ")).lower()
    while True:
            if starsign in starsigns:
            print("Please enter a valid star sign")
            question = input("What bothers you dear? ")
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    You have a break in your while if the starsign is in starsigns, this breaks out of the while loop, remove the break, you also shouldn't be throwing errors like that but you'll learn as you go along, carry on my friend. – Philip Rollins Aug 26 '16 at 0:39
  • Your code is incorrectly indented. In order to ask a question here, we need to see precisely the indentation you have. You can copy/paste your code into the edit box and then select it and hit ctrl-K to have it uniformly indented for Markdown code formatting. – tripleee Aug 26 '16 at 4:19

if you want to repeat an input until you get a valid answer and THEN ask the next question, you need to place the 1st input inside while loop and the 2nd input outside the loop, like this:

starsigns = ("leo", "virgo", ...)
starsign = None
while starsign not in starsigns:
    if starsign:
        print("Please enter a valid star sign: {}.".format(", ".join(starsigns)))
    starsign = input("What start do you come from? ").lower().strip()
question = input("What bothers you dear? ")
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