I've gone through what seems to be the definite post on npm ERR cb() never called several times, and I remain stuck trying to install a particular module. (It happens to be apostrophe-site, but attempts to install other modules are also throwing the error).

I have repeatedly tried all the suggestions outlined, even though that much-viewed post is referring to issues with outdated versions of Node and npm. I'm running v.5.9.1 of node and v.3.10.6 of npm.

sudo npm cache clean -f

npm install -g n

sudo n stable

npm install

Same result: npm ERR! cb() never called!

I can't find a good explanation for where this error is actually being thrown, or how to debug further. When and why does this occur?

  • Could you include the whole stack trace? It could be many things. – Jeremy Sep 28 '17 at 20:08

Not sure whether this is an answer as you expect it, but I suggest: Switch to Yarn! - Yarn is a package manger which uses the same package.json file and node_modules folder as npm.

With npm I had the same problem as you: On a CentOS 6 install I got the ERR cb() never called error repeatedly and could not find a way to make npm reliably complete installation of some packages (like webpack for example). - Yarn works flawlessly, even on flaky network connections.

Migration to Yarn is easy. Most subcommands are the same. They have a good Migration guide. Read on to the handy CLI commands comparison at the end.

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