I have a ui grid in which i am using pagination. paginationSizes : [25, 50, 75 ,100] On selecting 100 in the ui-grid dropdownlist, 100 doesnot gets diplayed fully. How do i use CSS to change the the width of the shown dropdownlist. Thanks :) This is currently my grid options :

`$scope.gridOptions = { 
                    enableFiltering: true,
                    enablePaging: true,
                    enableRowSelection: true,
                    multiSelect: false,
                    paginationPageSizes: [25, 50, 100],
                    paginationPageSize: 10


Screenshot of my ui-grid dropdownlist

  • Set CSS property like : .ui-grid-pager-row-count-picker select { width: 100px !important; } – Sagar Bhosale Aug 26 '16 at 7:13

Set following CSS style property in your custom css file

.ui-grid-pager-row-count-picker select 
  width: 100px !important; 

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