I am trying to display a bibliography in PHP and allowing the use of CSL to format it, but am coming up short of good examples of how to implement it. Basically, I am looking for a library or script which can take a bibliography, in the form of Bibtex or JSON or similar, and output it as HTML through PHP.

Formatting with CSL, through for example citeproc-php, would accomodate a vast variety of output styles. Does anyone know of any examples of this, or up-to-date libraries for doing so?


The author of citeproc-php answered an issue on GitHub with some details:

include 'vendor/autoload.php';
use \AcademicPuma\CiteProc\CiteProc;
$bibliographyStyleName = 'apa';
$lang = "en-US";
$csl = CiteProc::loadStyleSheet($bibliographyStyleName);
$citeProc = new CiteProc($csl, $lang);
$file = file_get_contents("citations.json");

$data = json_decode($file);
echo "<ul>";
foreach ($data as $item) {
   echo "<li>".$citeProc->render($item)."</li>";
echo "</ul>";

And this works as expected with a sample citations.json from citeproc-js.

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