I want to extract the weights of an optimized network with python. I have the .caffemodel file and I've obtained net.params which gives me the parameters of the whole network. The problem is when I am calling it for the for example the first layer, i.e. net.params['ip2'] it gives me:

<caffe._caffe.BlobVec object at 0x7f1cb03c8fa0>

How I can get the matrix of the weights, instead of the pointer?

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You have to read the network using the .prototxt file and the .caffemodel file.

net = caffe.Net('path/to/conv.prototxt', 'path/to/conv.caffemodel', caffe.TEST)
W = net.params['con_1'][0].data[...]
b = net.params['con_1'][1].data[...]

Have a look at this link and this link for more information.


I got it, it can be obtained with weights2 = net.params['ip2'][0].data

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    Just be aware that params['ip2'][0] will give you the weight and params['ip2'][1] will give you the bias term (if your model has a bias term).
    – Amir
    Commented Aug 27, 2016 at 2:50

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