Angular2 has an ability to generate forms dynamically (Model driven forms) as opposed to manually building the form (template driven).

I have a variation of Dynamic forms in which the entire Form generation functionality is exposed as a module (Angular RC5).

But it breaks with the following error (appears in Dev console)

VM849:20 Error: Error: Unexpected value 'undefined' exported by the module 'DynamicFormModule'

Here's the plunkr

Dynamic Form as a Module Plunkr


Had a similar error. Discovered it was caused by a repeated export in one of my index.ts file:

export * from './article/article.component';
export * from './body/body.component'; //first export
export * from './cards/cards.component';
export * from './body/body.component'; //repeated export

Fixed it. There was a typo for DynamicFormComponent. It was spelled as DynamicForm. Corrected it in dynamic-form.module.ts


Had a similar error. It was caused by an import in the NgModule of my library. Instead of importing it directly, it was imported from the public_api.ts file (entry file).

Fixed it by changing

import { MyDirective } from 'public_api';


import { MyDirective } from './my-directive/my-directive.directive';


I had the same error. I fixed it by replacing

export * from './myComponent'


export {MyComponent} from './myComponent'

In my case, it was because I had created a route file in a child module "A", but didn't import that route file in the root module, even though child module "A" was imported into the root module.

import { A } from 'src/app/module-a/a.module'; import { ARoutes } from 'src/app/module-a/a.routes'; // this was missing in my root app modules

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