I have two exe's. One should be started as a server and open a pipe for interaction. Another would connect through this win pipe and run testing requests to it.

The problem is that after when I try to start programm1.exe in appveyor.yml script, I see no output and further instructions not being executed.

I need smth like this:

start programm1.exe --options
start programm2.exe --options
set output of programm2 to appveyor log
wait until programm2 finished
stop programm1

If you know how to do this, please share your experience, thanks!


You can use Start-Process and Stop-Process cmdlets to do that. You need to save started process information in variable to be able to stop it.

Here are how commands can look in appveyor.yml style:

  - ps: $MyProcess = Start-Process notepad.exe -PassThru

  - ps: Stop-Process -Id $MyProcess.Id

Hope this helps.


  • Yes, thank you so much! Now power shell commands are working! – Dimitry Aug 29 '16 at 11:40

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