Using typescript and react with TSX files with definitely typed type definitions, I am getting the error:

error TS2339: Property 'for' does not exist on type 'HTMLProps<HTMLLabelElement>'.

When trying to compile a component with the following TSX

<label for={this.props.inputId} className="input-label">{this.props.label}</label>

I have already solved but adding here for the next person since the solution didn't show up anywhere when searching (Google or StackOverflow)


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The solution was to change the for attribute to htmlFor

<label htmlFor={this.props.inputId} className="input-label">{this.props.label}</label>

This is a part of the React library itself which apparently handles for differently just like it does class (it uses className) and not an issue with the definitely typed type definitions.


The answer given is mostly correct, but I want to clarify that the use of "htmlFor" and "className" is related to JavaScript, not limited to the React library. If I were to create a similar label in vanilla JavaScript, I might do the following:

const myLabel = document.createElement('label');
myLabel.htmlFor = "foo";
myLabel.innerText = "bar";
myLabel.className = "baz";

The reason you use "className" and "htmlFor" in the JSX (TSX) is probably precisely for this reason (the JSX is syntatic sugar for just setting the properties in Javascript yourself).

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