Hey gang, so I've written a swig wrapper for some C code. I'm trying to bridge the gap between scipy arrays and C arrays, which I know is messy. After a clean compilation (well...not including some warnings...) I'm getting this issue when I load the python-swig-c module:

undefined symbol: PyArray_TYPE

I've added my swig interface file below - I've used the swig-pythonc tutorial to write this stuff:

%module pycimpl

    #include "cimpl.h"

%include "numpy.i"
%init %{

%include "typemaps.i"

%apply (double* INPLACE_ARRAY1, int DIM1, int* INPLACE_ARRAY2, int DIM2, int* INPLACE_ARRAY3, int DIM3, double* INPLACE_ARRAY4, int DIM4, double* OUTPUT) { (double a[], int adim, int rowidx[], int rowidxdim, int colstr[], int colstrdim, double x[], int xdim, double* zeta) }

double cimpl(double a[], int adim, int ridx[], int ridxdim, int cstr[], int cstrdim, double x[], int xdim, double* zeta);

%include "cimpl.h"

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Why don't you use ctypes or pyrex/cython instead of SWIG? (see Python: SWIG vs ctypes)

  • I've had some cross platform issues with ctypes in the past. At the time, I hadn't heard of cython and it was still in it's infancy. Pyrex seemed to be solving the same issue as SWIG (I'm just more familiar with SWIG), so I opted to stick with something I was already familiar working with, and SWIG has been around the block a lot longer. – ct_ Apr 14 '11 at 1:10

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