I was experimenting on creating new apps with frappe. At some stage after creating the site, I had to switch the default site using bench use library. Now I want to switch back to erpnext (the default app). But it's not working when I run: bench use erpnext or bench use erp-next or bench use erp_next. What's the site name to the default erpnext site. Or is there some other way to achieve this?


The current site name is in sites/currentsite.txt of your bench folder.

  • But the currentsite is not what I want. The text file only contains the name of the current site which is library_management. What I want to know is the name of the default erpnext site which I want to switch back to. – Merhawi Fissehaye Aug 30 '16 at 6:55
  • The current site is the default site – Rushabh Mehta Sep 1 '16 at 5:38

Go To sites folder- check the site name and use that name bench use your-site-name

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