Does anyone have any idea how one would go about to check if two views (child views of a parent container) overlap in react native?

It would also be nice if i didn't be a super stressful operation (i.e. measuring all views and alike) since I would like it to be done quite frequently.

Any ideas are much appreciated! :)

Edit: I realize that my question was really generic, so I'll try to make it a bit more clear cut.

What I want to achieve is some kind of watcher function to detect a collision between two views that can change position on re render.

E.g.(Sorry I can't embed images due to too low rep): Scenario

In the image above the two views can change position on a specific event, And I need a callback for when these two overlap.

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Its a very generic question... Yet I do have some tips From my experience with react-native. Usually when you can't see a component in the view its because of the following reasons:

  • If you have UI components such as View, Image in 'absolute' position, Make sure you cancel that property and check if its render.
  • If its a large component, that for some reason cannot be render, replace it with a smaller simpler component to see if its renders so you could make sure the problem is in the view and not in the pure code. I usually just put a Text component with some jibrish inside just to test errors just like that.
  • If the component is a flexbox/inside one - Sometimes adding a combination of the following helps:

    flex: 1 justifyContent: 'center', alignItems, 'center', flexDirection: 'row'

  • I cannot explain it, but I had a number of occurrences where i deleted the flex: 1 property and it helped, make sure you check that.

  • Make sure you actually returning an item in complex inner loops. for example:


myList.map( (item) => { return <View>{item}</View> } )


return myList.map( (item) => { return <View>{item}</View> } )

  • Also make sure you enable hot reload & remote debugging(shake device) - extremely helpful and makes you code 5x times faster
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    Thank you for your response, but my question wasn't really about styling. Please see my edit for a better explanation of the problem.
    – Frnas
    Commented Aug 30, 2016 at 10:53

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