When I'm trying to do this:

dividerColor="{{isNaN(+price) ? 'warn' : 'primary'}}"

It gives me this error:

browser_adapter.ts:82 ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: TypeError: self.context.isNaN is not a function

How can I check if my object is a not number in Angular2 expression?

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This happens because the expressions are evaluated against view context, not with eval, JS globals are unavailable in templates.

Considering that Number.isNaN was polyfilled, technically it can be done with

{{ (+price).constructor.isNaN(+price) ... }}

Though it can be considered a hack. I would suggest to expose each and every helper function as either class property or a pipe.

  • When I try, dividerColor="{{(+price).constructor.isNaN(+price) ? 'warn' : 'primary'}}", it gives me this error: browser_adapter.ts:82 ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: TypeError: self._NgModel_74_7.constructor.isNaN is not a function. Do you have like plunkr or something else that I can test with? – Vicheanak Aug 30 '16 at 3:42
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    I think it's best to just add a method to your component isNan(val) { return isNan(val); } and use it in binding like you do in your question. – Günter Zöchbauer Aug 30 '16 at 4:43
  • @Vicheanak The answer explicitly states that Number.isNaN needs to be polyfilled, it is ES6 feature. It won't work without a polyfill. And it work with a polyfill. As it was already said, a cleaner way to do this is to expose isNaN heper function as class method. – estus Aug 30 '16 at 12:14

You can expose the function as a property of the class:

class MyComponent {
  isNaN: Function = Number.isNaN;

<div>dividerColor="{{isNaN(+price) ? 'warn' : 'primary'}}"</div>
  • do we need to import this "Number"? – Amaldev ps Jul 16 at 9:38

Instead of exposing the isNan function in the component and to apply some rule in the template, I think that it would be a better choice to expose a property having a business meaning. For example :

class MyComp {
  hasPrice: boolean;
  someAction() {
    this.hasPrice = !isNaN(this.item.price);

<div dividerColor="{{hasPrice ? 'warn' : 'primary'}}"></div>

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