I have a data, which is based on 2D structured mesh of meshgrid format. Further, I have clouds of points on a plane (2D unstructured grid), on which I would like to interpolate the information from the structured mesh.

I tried the option interp2, which however requires the second mesh to be in meshgrid format. This is not my case. I also note there is scatteredInterpolant, which does scattered data interpolation. But the interpolated information does not appear accurate. Can someone suggest high accuracy interpolation schemes for this structured to unstructured grid interpolation scenario?


Use griddata. It gets the data (x, y, v) as scattered points and interpolates on the requested points (xq, yq).

vq = griddata(x(:), y(:), v(:), xq, yq, 'natural');

Note: You should choose the interpolation method (here 'natural' for instance) according to what exactly you want.

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