I was deploying my Symfony2 application on one server only for a few month and it was perfect, but as I've added more servers, I'm stuck when I want to update all my servers at the same time, but run some commands only once (like database migration, and assets generation and push to S3).

Here are my servers:

server '', user: 'ubuntu', roles: %w{app db web toto}
server '', user: 'ubuntu', roles: %w{app db web}

And here is one custom task I have in my deploy.rb:

namespace :specific do
    task :command do
        on roles(:all) do |host|
            if host.roles.include?(:toto)
                invoke 'symfony:console', 'one:specific:command'

With cap --roles=toto staging deploy but then only one of my two servers were updated.

I've tried the filter method like that:

namespace :assets do
    task :increment do
        set :filter, :roles => %w{toto}
        invoke 'symfony:console', 'one:specific:command'

And other methods, copy pasting from stack overflow answers, but didn't found any matching answer 😕


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I might have hesitated longer, as this answer is not working. And I'm still unable to find a solution, in any other post, SO question, or Capistrano documentation... 😓

I hesitated to post this question and finally found my answer. But as it took me a long search, here is the answer:

Just add primary: true to one website :

server '', roles: %w{app db web}, primary: true
server '', roles: %w{app db web}

And in the deploy.rb:

namespace :specific do
    task :command do
        on primary(:web) do
            invoke 'symfony:console', 'one:specific:command'

My command output is still specifying the two servers, but hopefully only one did the specific command:

  03 php app/console one:specific:command
✔ 03 [email protected] 1.153s
✔ 03 [email protected] 6.551s


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    I believe that by default, the first entry is defined as the primary server. So if you want only one server in a particular role to run a task, but you don't care which one it is, then you can omit the primary: true argument.
    – will_in_wi
    Commented Aug 30, 2016 at 15:32
  • @will_in_wi Hum... I'll have to try that too. And maybe this : capistranorb.com/documentation/advanced-features/…
    – LaurentG
    Commented Sep 2, 2016 at 1:27

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