I'm trying to customize the default item search display template: 1) first i have create managed properties for metadatas that i wanna display as a result of my search, and add them to my display template . Example : for the column client name i have create a managed property "client name" and add to it the crawled property "ows_client_name" every thing work fine,my search result retrieve me the client name . 2) I add a refinement web-part to refine my search result , for that i have modified "RefinableString" and add to them crawled properties of metadatas that i want use as a refiners . Example for "RefinableString00" i add the crawled property "ows_client_name" in ordre to refine client name . After adding "RefinableString00" the refiner work fine but i can't display the client name in my search result.

Can we use the same crawled property for two different managed properties?


Yes, we can use same crawled property for two different managed properties.

search API should contain

&selectproperties=RefinableString00 or &selectproperties=client name to display the client name

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