I want to add Inno Setup to my build, however, the build runs on Jenkins with a lot of agents on different machines.

I would rather that my build was self contained and didn't require me to install items on each agent in order to build it.

Can you run Inno Setup without installing it?
e.g. can I just copy the install directory to a sub-dirrectory of my project and run the iscc.exe on the build agent without registering any dlls etc?

Is putting it in the project a bad idea?
e.g. would it be better to zip up the install directory and host it in nexus and download extract it as part of the build?

What are the minimum files I need to run iscc.exe?


Yes, you can just copy the Inno Setup installation folder anywhere you want and run it from there. It will just work. Inno Setup command-line compiler does not depend on any registry entries or any other external configuration or registration.

You need these files:

  • ISCC.exe, ISCmplr.dll, ISPP.dll, ISPPBuiltins.iss, Setup.e32, SetupLdr.e32, Default.isl
  • is*.dll/is*.exe for the compression algorithm you are using (the Compression directive); the islzma*.exe are used when the LZMAUseSeparateProcess is enabled; zip and none algorithms do not require any dll.
  • WizModern*Image*.bmp, unless you use your custom images.
  • Languages/*.isl for the languages/translations you are using.
  • If I execute inosetup compiler it opens a gui and requires me to commit. How can I avoid it in Jenkins? – Valentin Heinitz Jan 30 '18 at 14:23
  • 1
    @ValentinHeinitz I do not understand. Maybe you should post a separate question with more explanation. – Martin Prikryl Jan 30 '18 at 14:27
  • yes, it is not related directly. I just can't get InnoSetup working in silent batch mode. It pop's up a dialog and requires me to submit that it is allowed to execute. I guess it is more a windows issue. – Valentin Heinitz Jan 31 '18 at 14:06

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