It is possible to run GIT bash console starting in current folder in Explorer or TotalCommander? I use Win 10.

For example: I use TotalCommander or standard WinExplorer, I'm in path c:\src\MyProjekt (there is git repo), I press specified key combination and I can type git command.

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Something like that works for me for Total Commander (but it's not perfect):

  1. Run Total Commander and choose from top menu Start/Change Start Menu.
  2. Add new item with name like Git Bash as:

    a) command: c:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe --login
    b) shortcut key: ctrl+alt+f1 (to choose from list).

  3. Click OK.

Since now pressing ctrl+alt+f1 should run Git Bash in current folder.

Another option (which I usually use) is to run this from Context menu:

  1. Context menu key/Shift-F10
  2. A few cursor down presses (depends on tool which I want to run).
  3. Enter.

This should work also for Windows Explorer and anything else. It's not a shortcut, but still a keyboard.

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