I'm trying to pass an argument to an exec.Command. Part of that argument is a variable.

a := fileName
exec.Command("command", "/path/to/"a).Output()

I'm not sure of how to approach this, I'm thinking I need to fully form the argument before I even pass it, but I'm also struggling with that option. I'm not sure how to do something like:

a := fileName
arg := "/path/to/"a
exec.Command("command", arg).Output()

In Go strings are concatenated with +,

exec.Command("command", "/path/to/" + a)

You could also using a formatting function

exec.Command("command", fmt.Sprintf("/path/to/%s", a))

But in this case it's probably more appropriate to use filepath.Join

dir := "/path/to/"
exec.Command("command", filepath.Join(dir, a))
  • Jim, Thanks for the thorough list of options. I agree, filepath.Join seems to be the most appropriate solution. – Tim Brammer Aug 30 '16 at 20:20

I usually use this approach:

a := fileName
cmdArgs := []string{"/path/to/" + a, "morearg"}
out, err := exec.Command("command", cmdArgs...).Output()

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