I am trying to call a custom method of an embedded flash like so:

var flash = navigation_get_flash_movie_object('main'); if (flash) { flash.continentOut(id); }

Which works great in Chrome ans Safari, but fails utterly in IE7 & IE8. The browsers throws an error that the object doesn't have such a method.

I am using the example from http://www.permadi.com/tutorial/flashjscommand/, and now that I've tested it, it also fails at it's testing page as well http://www.permadi.com/tutorial/flashGetObject/

Does anyone have a better way to invoke custom functions in a Flash object from Javascript?


Check out the ExternalInterface API Docs. They use this method:

 function thisMovie(movieName) {
     if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1) {
         return window[movieName];
     } else {
         return document[movieName];

So you would do this:

var flash = thisMovie('main'); if (flash) { flash.continentOut(id); }

(I'm assuming of course that you're using ExternalInterface.addCallback() to define continentOut)

Here's another option:

 function thisMovie(movieName) {
     return document[movieName] || window[movieName];

Personally, this seems better because it doesn't use browser sniffing and would be future-compatible, but that's just me.

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