Hey guys I just saw this shortcut being used in some JavaScript.

(9 + 2) / 2|0; // results in 5 

When you do the normal math it results in 5.5.

How come the top expression is resulting in Math.floor((9+2)/2)? Can someone point in in the direction of what that pipe is doing, I don't understand the shortcut.


A single pipe | is BitWise OR.
Bitwise operator only allow integer values, so after decimal point value is discarded.

Bitwise OR operator | takes 2 bit patterns, and perform OR operations on each pair of corresponding bits.
The following example will explain it.

----------bitwise or
  1. Firstly the result of (9+2)/2 is 5.5 in JavaScript
  2. Then it's applied a bitwise Or operation. For JavaScript, the bitwise operations don't work directly on the 64-bit representations. Instead, the value is converted into a 32-bit integer, which means 5.5 to 5, then the result of 5|0 is 5.

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