I'm trying to create a regular expression to match on a specific given number pattern.

The patterns are:

123456 1234XX 1234*

Not allowed are: A combinations like: 1234*X or 1234X* Or a multiple *: 1234**

I already tried this expression:


But here I got the multiple * and 1234*X as valid expressions.

Does anyone have an idea of a proper soultion or a way to a solution?

Edit: Ok, I think I should clearify the rules.

The regex should match any given number:


But also match for strings with a X in it.


The Xs should always stand on the end of the string.

A single * should only be allowed at the end of the string.


Multiple * aren't allowed. Only one * at the end of the string.

The combination of X and * are not allowed. 1234X* or 12345*X are not allowed.

Length restriction: 0 to 25 characters.

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You can use


See regex demo

This will make sure the whole string is 0 to 25 chars long, and will only allow one * at the end of the string, and zero or more X can only follow 0 or more digits.


  • ^ - start of string
  • (?=.{0,25}$) - a positive lookahead checking the whole string length (must be from 0 to 25 chars long)
  • [+#]? - one or zero + or #
  • \d* - zero or more digits
  • (?:X*|\*?) - a non-capturing group matching either of the 2 alternatives:
    • X* - zero or more X symbols
    • | - or...
    • \*? - one or zero * symbols
  • $ - end of string (better replace it with \z to ensure no newline at the end is accepted, or just add D modifier).
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    Please note I used the D modifier in the regex, it will make sure the $ matches the very end of the string. Without it, $ may match before the final newline symbol which might not be good when validation is performed. Note you can also replace $ with \z anchor to achieve the same behavior. – Wiktor Stribiżew Aug 31 '16 at 11:28

As far as I understand your needs, this would do the job:


New version according to question edit:


Based on your new update:


Live demo


^           # Asserts beginnig of input string
(?=.)       # Positive looakehad - input string length should be at least 1
[+#*]?      # Optional symbols 
\d*?        # Optional digits (any number)
    (?:         # Start of non-capturing group (a)
        X+          # Any number of X
        |           # Or
        \*          # A single *
    )?          # End of non-capturing group (a) - optional
$           # End of string

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