I'd like to try CodeBlocks for c++ learning, but there is a problem:

Everytime I close CodeBlocks and exit to the windows desktop, there is two messeages: "unable to open personal dictionary file." "Couldn't save config file."

no matter which version I use, 13.12 15.12 16.01

Is there anyone can help me! I'm really appreciate it!

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Execute codeblocks.exe instead of CbLauncher.exe and the problem will be solved.


I've found the problem.

The reason is that: My computer had installed CB before, and I uninstall it, but it left some files on my computer. So when I installed CB 16.01 somedays before, it had error, beacuse there is already file.

I think it should be improved, and can handle the situation.


try installing or unzipping codeblocks to another harddisk, say d:/ or e:/ rather than c:/

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