So I'm trying to create a JavaScript function inside Powershell and I use a class called "sc":

$language = "JScript"

function Create-ScriptEngine()
  param([string]$language = $null, [string]$code = $null)
  if ( $language )
    $sc = New-Object -ComObject ScriptControl
    $sc.Language = $language
    if ( $code )

$jscode = @"
function jslen(s)
  return s.length;

$sc -ne $null
$js = Create-ScriptEngine "JScript" $jscode;
$str = "abcd";

Using $sc -ne $null I can check if the class is made and it just provides me with "false". Not really sure whats causing this.

I'm using powershell 5 if anyone is wondering.

  • Your code works here on PS5.1x86 (not x64, naturally, as msscript.ocx is 32-bit only) except for the obvious out-of-scope use of $sc. – wOxxOm Aug 31 '16 at 16:03
  • Being new to powershell, I've quite literally just realized that x64 does not have msscript.ocx. Thanks though. – sn4577 Aug 31 '16 at 16:11

The scope of $sc is limited to the Create-ScriptEngine function, so trying to call it outside of the function will result in null.

Also, your $js appears to be null too, because your function isn't returning anything. I assume that you'll want to put return $sc within the Create-ScriptEngine function to get your code working.

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