I have configured my PostgreSQL 9.4 install to log statements that take over 500 ms using log_min_duration_statement

Now, I have a query that is expected to take in the order of 2 seconds. So it gets recorded every time is run.

I would like to whitelist this query so it doesn't show up in the logs or, even better, to configure log_min_duration_statement to only log that query is it takes over 5000 ms without affecting the rest.


There is no direct way to do that, but there are some workarounds. You can set log_min_duration_statement from your client code before you run that one query. Or you could run that query under a different user and have that user configured differently.

  • You might also find the pg_stat_statements extension interesting. – Peter Eisentraut Sep 1 '16 at 2:08

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