I have a following(fig 1) unlabeled training set which I am trying to detect the outliers, have come up with a procedure to label the data with 0:normal data and 1:outlier and want to train it with SVM. I followed this instructions to train the SVM's model but when I am trying to predict the labels of same data I have trained the SVM it does not predict any(fig 2)!

fig 1: the support vectors after training

enter image description here

fig 2: the prediction of SVM model on the same data it has been training with

enter image description here

The output of prediction is not supposed to look like this! The code I have used for prediction is:

out = predict(model, data');


What is wrong with my approach?


For what it worth, I have found the answer to my question and now its working fine.

The result of prediction after using a non-linear kernel, but I don't know why this happened? enter image description here

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