I have the following string:

s = 'This .is sparta 1.2 version. Please check.'

I want to split it based on dots, while ignoring decimal figures. So, Required Output :

['This ','is sparta 1.2 version','Please check']

I tried following:


The output I am getting is:

['This ', None, 'is sparta 1.2 version', '', ' Please check', None, '']

Why am I getting None and empty strings here? I just want the split strings, ie.

['This ','is sparta 1.2 version','Please check']

Please suggest the rectification here.

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Try splitting on


It makes sure the dot isn't preceded, nor followed, by a digit.

See it here at regex101.

  • Great. It works. You learn and grow with every regex. Thanks for sharing. @ClasG – Aditya Kuls Sep 1 '16 at 9:16

Since almost have what you want, you could parse the current output to remove Nones and empty strings.

This can be done in one line using list comprehension:

FilteredList = [ itm for itm in UnfilteredList if itm is not None and len(itm)>0]
  • 1
    Besides being not exactly an elegant approach, the comprehension can be simplified to [item for item in UnfilteredList if item]. – guidot Sep 1 '16 at 9:45

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