I have the following two cases

  1. In case of ExceptionA : retrying for finite number of times and finally when number of retrials exhausted, message is written in a dead letter queue
  2. In case of ExceptionB : simply, message should be written to dead letter queue

I want to support the two cases on the same listener container factory and the same queue.

I already have the following configuration to support case 1 successfully:

public RetryOperationsInterceptor workMessagesRetryInterceptor() {
        return RetryInterceptorBuilder.stateless()
                .backOffOptions(1000, 2, 10000)
                .recoverer(new RejectAndDontRequeueRecoverer())

public SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory myRabbitListenerContainerFactory(ConnectionFactory connectionFactory) {
  SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory factory = new SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory();

  return factory;

Now I want to extend the previous configuration to support case 2 too.

Edit, thanks Gary for your fast response.

Here you are my new configuration, but I still get retrials on both the two exceptions : ListenerExecutionFailedException , AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueException

    public SimpleRetryPolicy rejectionRetryPolicy(){

        Map<Class<? extends Throwable> , Boolean> exceptionsMap = new HashMap<Class<? extends Throwable> , Boolean>();
        exceptionsMap.put(ListenerExecutionFailedException.class, true); //retriable
        exceptionsMap.put(AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueException.class, false);//not retriable

        SimpleRetryPolicy retryPolicy = new SimpleRetryPolicy(5 , exceptionsMap );

        return retryPolicy;

    public RetryOperationsInterceptor workMessagesRetryInterceptor() {
        return RetryInterceptorBuilder.stateless().retryPolicy(rejectionRetryPolicy())

                //.backOffOptions(1000, 2, 10000)
                //.recoverer(new RejectAndDontRequeueRecoverer())

Provide a SimpleRetryPolicy with a map of exceptions and booleans (whether or not to retry). You can optionally traverse the exception cause tree to find the specific exception. See the Javadocs for SimpleRetryPolicy.

  • You need to set the traverseCauses boolean to true because that exception gets wrapped in a ListenerExecutionFailedException. This is explained in the documentation. – Gary Russell Sep 1 '16 at 15:26
  • yes, that's it...But the message is not routed to the dead letter queue in both the two cases even with uncommenting the line : recoverer(new RejectAndDontRequeueRecoverer()) – Shady Ragab Sep 1 '16 at 16:11
  • Oh, I didn't notice your exceptions - you can't use those two because the AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueException is wrapped in the ListenerExecutionFailedException and we'll find that one first. You will have to throw a different exception and coerce it to an AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueException in a custom error handler. See documentation about FatalExceptionStrategy. However, changing the policy won't affect DLX/DLQ routing if a message is rejected it will be routed to the DLX/DLQ by rabbit. – Gary Russell Sep 1 '16 at 16:29
  • i.e. You can't use AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueException to signal you don't want retry. If you want to retry for all exceptions except one, you need to throw MyException and configure the FatalExceptionStrategy to return true for that exception so the error handler will throw an AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueException. – Gary Russell Sep 1 '16 at 16:33

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