I tried to catch an exception inside a PHPUnit test but it does not work as I expected. The exception seems to be caught in a higher level and I do not understand why.

public function testException()
        echo 'Enter';
        try {
            throw new Exception('error.');
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            echo 'catch Exception';
        echo 'End';

In the output only 'Enter' is visible. I do not reach the 'End'. (I am using PHP7)


Edit: Replacing all Exception with \Exception solved my issue


Handling exceptions can be tricky, especially when they are called Exception :-)

Just look at all the feedback this (almost the same) question has generated.

Now, the exception is not caught only if does not match to the expected class. In this case it is definitely because of non-precise Exception class names specification, which will most certainly be fixed by specifying them as \Exception.

As smartly put by a commenter from the mentioned question thread:

Without the backslash Exception is specific to the namespace and won't be matched (or caught).


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