I have "slick slider" working and it is responsive but there is a HUGE space under the slider.

The space seems to be caused by the ".slick-list" class. I made ".slick-list" red so it would show up easily.

No matter what I do I cant get that space to go away.

There is No padding on this element, no margin, no border...

Any tips?

The page test page is here: slider test page

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I had a similar issue, although I wouldn't call the gap underneath "huge".

I resolved it by setting the line-height of slick-slider to 0.

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  • Thank you! This helped me with my spacing issue. – Anna_MediaGirl Feb 27 at 21:14

need to override this style element that is set by style.css using !important

  background-position: none; <-- currently the value is center center. 
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  • I changed background-position from "center center" TO " none" but that did not make the big red space go away. It did not make any difference so I changed it back... that big red space is from the slick-list class from slick.css – Kenny Johnson Sep 2 '16 at 4:29
  • @KennyJohnson have you found any solution to this? I'm having the same issue – Abdul R. Feb 21 at 9:54

I found the answer.

In the slick css the class .slick-slide had a height set of 100%

So by default the slides were all 100% of the page.

I removed height:100% and the big space was gone.

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