I am using GNU make to manage data processing work flow, expressing dependencies for 10000+ files and 100+TB. Now I am after a feature to express non-file targets in Makefile, such as datasets in hdf5, tables in sqlite, (non-conventional) files in hdfs, etc. For example:

# process dataset /src15 in pass1.h5 and save it as /evt15 in pass2.h5.
pass2.h5(/evt15): pass1.h5(/src15)
    ./process.py $^ -o $@

A close feature is Archive Members as Targets, but it is fairly limited,

This construct is available only in targets and prerequisites, not in recipes!

I turned to GNU make extensions, either with C or scheme. However, all the examples in the manual are for customizing functions. One article states that

In the future it might be possible to make more extensive plugins, which would use SHA1 hashes instead of timestamps, etc. For the moment though adding simple functions to Makefiles is both powerful and interesting.

Therefore at least for GNU make 4.0, the extension mechanism is limited to functions.


  1. Is it possible to define non-file targets and their recipes with the present extension mechanism of GNU make?
  2. If not, any hints for hacking GNU make to achieve it?
  3. If it is too complex, any drop-in replacement of GNU make to hack with? For example, is it easier to achieve with makepp?

Note: drake has non-file targets support, but it lacks pattern rules. Writing out 10000+ recipes explicitly is tedious, even with loops.

  • not at all sure what your asking, however; by using the .PHONY operator, any target can be declared to not result in the creation of a file. – user3629249 Sep 3 '16 at 7:05
  • If those files have the same extension, like: .h5, then you can use the `$(wildcard: ... ) operator to get a space separated list of all the files in a directory. – user3629249 Sep 3 '16 at 7:07
  • user3629249, thanks. But it is impossible to track .PHONY targets. Each time make is invoked, everything will be made again by default. – heroxbd Sep 4 '16 at 6:20
  • that is not what .PHONY is for. Suggest looking at the common targets clean and all for examples of using the .PHONY operator. For best help, post your makefile and clearly describe the problem, with possible scenarios. Amongst other things, an existing target that is not 'out-of-date' should never be created again by make. Note: since your make file seems to be huge, you need only post some of it. – user3629249 Sep 5 '16 at 13:52

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