I need to Separate multiple Array entries with a newline. the names in the aray value. Again I want to split the array like seperate names.
Eg. names="alice\nbob"
and I want names=alice&names=bob. How can I get that??

  • Neither "alice\nbob", nor names=alice&names=bob looks like an array. Where is your array? – Stefan Sep 2 '16 at 7:00

Try this:

names = names.split("\n").map{|item| "names=#{item}"}.join("&")
#=> "names=alice&names=bob"

If intention is to have it in form of query parameters, I will suggest using Addressable::URI:

require "addressable/uri"
def return_query(str)
  uri = Addressable::URI.new
  uri.query_values = {:names => str.split("\n") }

return_query("alice\nbob") #=> "names=alice&names=bob" 
return_query("alice in wonderland\nbob") #=> "names=alice%20in%20wonderland&names=bob"
return_query("alice&wonderland\nbob") #=> "names=alice%26wonderland&names=bob"

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