In MySQL < 5.7 the spatial functions returned NULL when given invalid WKT, eg:

mysql> select astext(geomfromtext('polygon()'));

| astext(geomfromtext('polygon()')) |
| NULL                              |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

But with newer MySQL the same input gives:

ERROR 3037 (22023): Invalid GIS data provided to function st_geometryfromtext.

Is there a way of checking whether the WKT is valid before sending it to the geometry functions? Alternatively is there a setting to force the geometry functions to produce NULL rather than error for invalid input?


there are two functions provided by MySQL to test validity of geometries, but both take an already formed geometry as input.

ST_IsValid(ST_GeomFromText(?)); returns a boolean

ST_Validate(ST_GeomFromText(?)); returns the GEOM or null if invalid.

there is nothing I know of that parses WKT in MySQL, nor is there a setting that will switch it back to <5.7 behaviour.

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