How do I check which one is the current thread in Swift 3?

In previous versions of Swift it was possible to check if the current thread was the main one by doing this:


Looks like it's simply Thread.isMainThread in Swift 3.

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Thread.isMainThread will return a boolean indicating if you're currently on the main UI thread. But this will not give you the current thread. It will only tell you if you are on the main or not.

Thread.current will return the current thread you are on.


I've made an extension to print the thread and queue:

extension Thread {
    class func printCurrent() {
        print("\r⚡️: \(Thread.current)\r" + "🏭: \(OperationQueue.current?.underlyingQueue?.label ?? "None")\r")


The result would be:

⚡️: <NSThread: 0x604000074380>{number = 1, name = main}
🏭: com.apple.main-thread

Swift 4 and above:

Thread.isMainThread returns Bool stating that if the user is on Main Thread or Not, in case if someone wants to print the name of the queue/thread this extension will be helpful

extension Thread {

    var threadName: String {
        if let currentOperationQueue = OperationQueue.current?.name {
            return "OperationQueue: \(currentOperationQueue)"
        } else if let underlyingDispatchQueue = OperationQueue.current?.underlyingQueue?.label {
            return "DispatchQueue: \(underlyingDispatchQueue)"
        } else {
            let name = __dispatch_queue_get_label(nil)
            return String(cString: name, encoding: .utf8) ?? Thread.current.description

How to use:


In latest Swift 4.0 ~ 4.2, we can use Thread.current

See Returns the thread object representing the current thread of execution


When using GCD you can use dispatchPrecondition to check a dispatch condition necessary for further execution. This can be useful if you want to guarantee your code execution on correct thread. For example:

DispatchQueue.main.async {
    dispatchPrecondition(condition: .onQueue(DispatchQueue.global())) // will assert because we're executing code on main thread

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