i have a public hotspot captive portal that i want login automatically using my mikrotik router, the ideia is by cronjob or something perform a form post with the credencials to login into that public hotspot, then the mikrotik router will work as a gateway to provide internet acess to the network without the need for other pc´s perform the same login. anyone have done something like that? thanks Jaso


You can use the "fetch" tool to simulate HTTP requests. It would look like

/tool fetch url="http://hotspot.com/login/\3Fuser=blah&password=blah" mode=http

two remarks

  • The "\3F" part is meant to pass the "?" character
  • it's limited to HTTP GET method, no POST available

If you really need POST requests, you must consider a more complicated version with a metarouter (= VM inside RouterOS) with an OpenWRT distribution; with this kind of distrib you will be able to use cool Linux commands.

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