I would like to create a JUnit TemporyFolder that represents the baseFolder of such a tree:


As far as I understand I can setUp a TemporaryFolder and than can create with "newFolder()" pseudo Folders that are located in that very folder. But How can I create layers underneath? Especially in a way that is cleaned up after the test.

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temporaryFolder.newFolder(String... folderNames) takes the whole hierarchy as parameters:

public TemporaryFolder temporaryFolder = new TemporaryFolder();

public void test() throws Exception {
    File child = temporaryFolder.newFolder("grandparent", "parent", "child"); //...

    assertEquals("child", child.getName());
    assertEquals("parent", child.getParentFile().getName());
    assertEquals("grandparent", child.getParentFile().getParentFile().getName());

It passes the tests and prints:


TemporaryFolder has a method newFolder(String...folderNames) that allows you to create subdirectories.

tempFolder.newFolder("subFolderA", "subSubFolder")


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