Does anybody have a good Ruby script for finding books (or other products) on Amazon using their API?


I've been using Amazon/ECS with great success. One important point is that it's not GPLed (whereas Ruby/AWS seems to be), so if it's important in your case, take care.

Here is a sample:

require 'amazon/ecs'

# default options; will be camelized and converted 
# to REST request parameters.
Amazon::Ecs.options = {:aWS_access_key_id => [your access key]}
res = Amazon::Ecs.item_search('ruby')

You may also want to have a look at some example of integration with the Mephisto blogging system.



I suppose that kind of script would have to use Ruby/AWS, like this test.

You have here an quick introduction.

And you have there a full example involving searching books.

response = r.keyword_search
('ruby programming', 'books')
  • The third link was bang on. Thanks. – srboisvert Dec 26 '08 at 11:53

VonC's third link was a partial answer. It led me to ruby-aaws (note - different from ruby-aws).

I then found this blog post with an example of using it.

  • Good links. +1 to you and to your new chosen answer :) – VonC Dec 27 '08 at 22:27

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