I am trying to make an Ai in Tron Battle - Codingame And I was told that a Voronoi diagram would help to make my Ai better. The only problem is my response time has to be under 100ms

So this is what I need to do:

Get Voronoi diagram for all players including me Using this I need to get the best direction to have the most open squares/cells on the board closest to me.

I have tried to use pathfinding to get the closest points but that is super extra slow and isn't as good.

What would be the fastest but simplest way to do this without using outside libraries like scipy and numpy??

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    A question should be self contained; include a description of what a voroni diagram is. Also show wha you have tried so far rather than just asking for an answer. – gowrath Sep 6 '16 at 1:24