I need to upgrade a medium sized web application from Spring 2.5 to Spring 4.x. I replaced Spring 2.5 jars with 4.3.2 jars and I found around 100 errors like SimpleFormController name not resolved, queryforInt() not recognized etc. Should I use @Controller for controllers and use auto-wire the dependencies ?. That means I should convert all classes to annotation based using @component, @Resource, @Controller etc ? What is the best approach...Please suggest

  • Yes use annotations, its the better way to do..and in future also it will be easy to modify(Code maintenance too). – Prasanna Kumar H A Sep 6 '16 at 10:11

You need to move from using SimpleFormController, it has been deprecated from spring 3.x and removed in 4.x. Start writing your controllers with @Controller annotation.

Should you use @Component, @Service, and autowire? It's probably best you do that, but not necessarily. You can still use your factory classes to create objects if you want. But using spring @Autowired dependency would make your life easier.

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